What we do

Main steps of the process

1. Initial disclosure and pre-qualification

Initial presentation of our services and regulated status

Pre-qualification to understand the project, the specific objectives, and requirements

2. Market research and initial proposals 

Market research and engagement with potential lenders to achieve the best possible terms

Presentation and explanation of the potential solutions, indicative terms, costs, and any restrictions

3. Preparation of the lender dossier

Gather, analysis and preparation of the documentation required to complete a formal credit application with the lender.

Optimisation of the ‘credit dossier’ and the anticipation of any potential issues or restrictions

4. Management of the credit application process

Managing the credit application in partnership with the lender to ensuring the process advances as smoothly as possible

Acting as the point of contact between the client, client advisors, appraisers, legal representatives etc.

Managing the conditions and guarantees required by the lender to grant the borrowing which includes the insurances

5. Closing steps

Presentation of the formal lending agreement documentation with a separate explanation of the terms and conditions

Engage with the legal representative and lender to ensure all the conditions are met for the loan drawdown

What our clients say